Soggy Meadows Classic Shetland Ponies

   Soggy Meadows Stallions

Windy Hollow Red Copper Feather                                     ASPC 159011


Barn name: Copper

Foaled: 04/ 28/ 2008

Currently stands 44.5" tall

Sire: Michigan's Red Feather

Dam: Justamere Easter Lily

Color: Bay Pinto 


Copper Hall of famed in halter in 2011.

Currently in cart training


Bertrand's Shakin' Things Up                       ASPC 158528  &  AMHR 290975T

 Barn Name:Tazz

Foaled: 04/19/ 2008

Currently stands 36" tall

Sire: RHF Raven's Huck

Dam: Pan's Miss Up and Atom

Color: Bay 







Windy Hollow Delayed Payment                                 ASPC 161451



Barn Name: Delay

Foaled: 07/05/2010

Currently stands 43" Tall

Sire: Michigan's Red Feather

Dam: Wilson's Peach Blossom

Color: Silver Dapple Pinto